Asia’s theme restaurants offer an unusual bite

Posted by on October 25, 2017

epa06158951 (23/47) A view of decorations in the S&M (Sadism and Masochism) themed restaurant, Ke’er, meaning Shell in Beijing, China, 03 August 2017. Opened in 2015, Ke-er is a two-storied S&M themed seafood restaurant featuring an array of fetish sex theme decorations. Waiters serve up dishes in fake breast aprons. Barbecue crayfish is one of their highly sort after dishes. It used to be a restaurant attracted customers because of good food. But now, with so many choices and options, tasty food and drink are not always enough. Asia’s many and varied theme restaurants were quick to recognize dining is more than what is put it your mouth. They took up the challenge to offer a palette of weird and wonderful dining experiences that turn a quick bite, into an unusually memorable sensation. EPA-EFE/HOW HWEE YOUNG ATTENTION: For the full PHOTO ESSAY text please see Advisory Notice epa06158928

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